Here is the absolute best sales pitch for this membership that I know.....

If you are buying 3 cigars or more per month at your cigar store

then this is a NO BRAINER.....  Locker Room Pass is 10.00 per month more than posted below (Silver and Bronze and combination)

cigar of the month club

for $34.95 per month you can pick up 3 plus cigars every month (this alone is worth the membership as you get to try new cigars before everyone else)

You get 15% back in store credit for everything else you buy in the store.  (that is triple reward points) Think about this....That's better than your Costco card by 3

We have a release party (Manditory that cigars are picked up at store not shipped) the last Wed of Every Month (sometime this changes around holidays) that includes a private event just for you... FREE,

If you can't make the release party you still get the cigars (Just pick them up next time your in the store) and the 15% ALL DAY EVERY DAY.


If you don't like the cigars we pick out on a particular month or any month just use the 34.95 as a store credit and get all the membership benefits TOO!

I am not pulling anyones leg here. 

This is too good to be true.  Join today .. Call NOW  559 221 0161 and Join