Featuring 2 of the finest cigars in the world. We will be rolling back prices to pre tax days..

Free Pizza Pizza (with any purchase in store)

Friday Sept 21st 6-9 PM

Party with Fabien Zeigler the original Acid and Natural Lover

Meet Fabien (the most powerfull Jedi in the Universe)

Meet Fabien (the most powerfull Jedi in the Universe)


Anything on top of the event table will be up for grabs as a qualifier box purchase.

Once you purchase your qualified box of Drew Estate or Joya de Nicaragua cigars you will be able to buy (up to one box of Liga Privada cigars for half off or 75% back on your card)

(Fabien and Matt will be there to sweeten the deal)

Free Pizza for those that purchase at least one cigar, rewards on select Drew Estate and Joya de Nica products?  This is a no brainier. ( yes that word is spelled correctly) 

 Use the Force ..........Come get Trained by the Master Jedi Fabien Zigler